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Sunday, November 24, 2013

6 Months Down

Remember that one time I married my best friend six months ago. It was a good choice pretty sure. And a lot of shtuff has happened in our life since then. 

So here's a recap. 

Honeymoon to Punta Cana: Swimming with dolphins, laying on the beach looking at the clear blue water, and para-sailing over the island. It was a dream come true and the best way to start my life with my best friend.

My parents wedding: Yay for love and marriage. Two weddings in less than 2 months. You could say love was definitely in the air.

Temples trips: Cliff gets a little too excited obviously when we go to the temple. It's always fun and spiritual to drive to the temple for date night. 

Richfield 4th of July: Nothing can beat a good hometown 4th of July. Spending time with good friends, good food from "Jolley Brother's Scone Burgers", and fireworks. 

My best friends wedding: So fun to spend time with my friends, parents, and Cliff.

1st DIY project together: I got Cliff on board with the whole DIY thing. We still love our entertainment center. Not just because it looks awesome, but because it was something we made together. 

Go to work with your husband day: Look at that stud. LOVE spending time with this handsome man of mine.

Labor day in Panaca: Yes those are my inlaws dressed up as the Simpsons and some of my nieces and nephews. The best part about getting married is gaining an amazing family and support system. They rock!

Cliff's Surgery: Yes this wasn't so fun for him, but he is healthy and so much better now. I am so happy he is such a strong person. 

iHeart Radio the Village Concert: Yes we saw Miley twerking it (not my fav), as well as The Band Perry, Jason Derulo, Avril Levine, and a ton of others. It was crazy fun to spend time with my honey watching some amazing performers. 

Nascar trucks: Can I be a little more redneck? It actually was an awesome time. Don't judge me.

Halloween: How cute is that. Our ward trunk-or-treat.

Red Rock: Never been, so we took the trip to see what everyone was talking about. It was fun to look at the beauty right outside of Vegas and have a picnic. 

I think I have the world record for most pics in one blog post. I will refrain from sharing more. So much has happened in these last six months including going to the Las Vegas foodie fest full of food trucks, drive in movies, shopping at Town Square, visiting our families, and soooo much more fun. 

But my most favorite part is that I am doing all of this with my best friend. Yesterday my husband had his throat scoped and while he was put out it just made me nervous to think what would happen if he was gone. I didn't want to leave his side after he came home. 

He is my everything. I couldn't have picked a better man to spend {e t e r n i t y} with. 

So here's to 6 months. I can't wait to see what 6 more brings. 

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