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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Words on Life

This is a thrifty blog about crafting and fluffy things that make our eyes smile and keep our wallets semi full. But today I just have to get something off my chest. This isn't the first time you have heard about it and it sure won't be the last in the Internet world. Online bullying is one thing that gets my blood boiling. I am not sure how some people can switch from being nice to most humans around them, to saying nasty things about people they don't even know online. The "wizard of oz" shield of  anonymity they hide behind and say whatever evil thing they can think of at the time doesn't portray strength, but the weakest of all character. What ever happened to building people up around us to help everyone reach greatness. What happened to your moms famous words, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." And I'm not talking about being fake and telling fibs, but say something nice if you believe it, or give honest constructive criticism if you think that person could benefit from it. 

I am not in any way trying to be rude to anyone of my followers of this blog. I have never had an issue with anyone. Everyone who reads my blog and comments has always been super supportive which I truly appreciate. I don't have a huge amount of people who read my posts, but I do hope that this one reaches people far and wide. If this post even just reaches one person and makes them realize the people behind the instagram accounts, youtube videos, blogs, facebook pages are all REAL people with REAL feelings and what you say can REALLY hurt them. 

I have seen in the past week three examples of blogs or social media accounts I follow with evil nasty things written to them in the comment section. I know I have seen my fair share of things I disagree with or don't like on the internet, but rather than degrade the person who wrote them, I respect them as a person and let them keep living their life. Just like that. Can't we all just let things go?

All I'm asking is that we think before we type. Realize that the words online are real and do hurt. 

Sorry to go all "mommy" on ya'll but I needed to say it. I promise the next post will be more thrift and crafty. 

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