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Friday, September 6, 2013

DIY Wedding Backdrop

Oh hey, I'm alive. I just took a little break from blogging since life is hectic. I have been sick, grad school just began, and Cliff just had surgery (you can read about it on my other blog). I haven't had time to be super crafty woman and thrifter of the week, but I have a ton of fun wedding projects I haven't shared yet. I am so excited to talk about this super easy wedding backdrop. The truth is I wasn't the person who made this. I helped a little, but I owe this project to my lovely mom and friend Jen. They helped make tons of my wedding decorations while I was still in grad school.

So as you can see this backdrop is shabby chic and perfect to create with your own styles and colors. I used a few different types of lace I found on clearance at a local fabric store, burlap, and a mint green fabric. And when I say I, I mean my mom and Jen haha. It was simply the task of cutting the strips to the desired length and tying them to some rope (keeping with the rustic shabby chic look). I actually named the style/theme of my wedding as "country vintage shabby chic" and yes my husband memorized it. He was such a trooper. 
Just my mini session with Harmony before the reception.

I borrowed old doors from my parents in law and boom we had the perfect backdrop to stand in front of during the line. It also held the perfect place to do the cake cutting at our outdoor reception.

Overall it wasn't too expensive to make, and it turned out perfect for my wedding theme! Thanks Mommy and Jen for the perfect DIY!

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