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Friday, June 28, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Key Holder

I know, I know, another chalkboard paint post. Right now chalkboard paint is something I want to put on everything. This will be my last chalkboard post for a while, but this holder turned out so cute I just had to share! Cliff and I live in an apartment where we have keys to the mail box, the gym, and the pool. It's so much fun living here, but we had a hard time at first keeping track of the keys, especially when they only gave us one copy and they look so similar. I thrifted this key holder for a dollar (I think they sell similar looking wood projects in the craft isles for not too much). 

It had some paint on it, so I gave it a light sanding so it would hold the paint. 

I used the chalkboard paint I bought at Wal-Mart for under $5 (I have used it on multiple projects) and covered the wood with paint. I did two coats just to make sure I got in all the small areas. 

Let it dry. (Is that even a step??)


And then I used a chalkboard pen to write which key was which. I tied my keys on a burlap ribbon just to make sure I won't loose a little key. (It drives my husband nuts but I think it's pretty cute). The nice thing about the chalkboard paint, is you can change the wording depending on which keys you want to hang up. 



Wednesday, June 19, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Labels

Good crafternoon! Today I am sharing on of my new favorite secrets... how to create your own chalkboard labels. Chalkboard decorations are so popular right now, and I love this trend! I just bought a new mail holder at Home Goods, and it seemed a little plain. I really wanted to add a chalkboard label, but after searching them online, $10 seemed a little high for this cute addition. I was shopping around for an alternative, when I scored a whole book of chalkboard paper (who knew this even existed?!) for $2.50 at Wal-Mart!!

I came home and the wheels started turning for what I could do with this whole book of chalkboard paper. My first project was to spruce up the mail holder I told you about. I found a pattern I liked online and made a stencil.

I then traced it onto the chalkboard paper. 

I cut it out, and bam, a chalkboard label. It probably costs less than five cents to make. 

I used a chalkboard marker I already had to write "mail" and attached it to the container. 

These labels would be so cute on flour and sugar holders, for boxes full of items in the kitchen or office, or even in the bathroom on different holders. You can create any shape you want, so be creative. Enjoy!!


Friday, June 14, 2013

DIY Fashion Chair

Hello! Today I am going to give a tutorial on how I recovered a drab chair into something fab! I loved it so much after it was redone I used it in my bridal pictures, my wedding reception, and now it has a spot in my living room.

I found this beauty at DI for a steal! As soon as I saw how much character it had, I knew I wanted to recover it. After giving it the smell check, I bought it and kept it around for a while until I found the perfect fabric. I bought this white and gray pattern at Hobby Lobby for about $3 a yard. I bought some mint paint, foam brushes, and an upholstery staple remover and I was ready to go. 

I started by removing all the staples with the upholstery staple remover. Trust me, if you don't have one, go buy one. This is the hardest part. Don't give up though. You will have a fab chair if you just endure the staple part. 

Next I kept the fabric intact to use as a pattern. It's much easier to cut the pieces for the chair when you have something to go off. 

I gave the wood a light sanding so the paint would stick, and I gave it about 3 coats of paint. I had the paint from previous projects and it was pretty cheap so it needed quite a few coats. 

After it dried, I cut out the fabric, making sure the pattern would lay how I wanted it. Next you need someone else and a staple gun. My mom was there to help hold and staple. Make sure to pull the fabric tight so it doesn't pucker. Then staple. Repeat. On the back we reused the upholstery nails that were previously in the chair. The picture below from my wedding shows the upholster nails. We just used a hammer and our eye judgement to how many we wanted to put on the back. Overall I think it turned out pretty fab!

You can check out my photographers website, Lulu's Photography here. She did an amazing job capturing my special day! Hope you are inspired to recover a chair of your own. 


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Free Kitchen Printable

Ok here is one more printable I have been working on today. I was inspired by another printable but it was $19 online. I made my own version and I am sharing it with you for free! Hope it helps to spice up your kitchen.



Free Printables

That's right. I said FREE. Now if you are like me, you love to score a good deal, especially when you don't have to pay a cent for it. If you are in a new apartment or home, you may want to add some color and decor, but might not have the money for it. I created this printable with one of my favorite quotes:

You can save and print it by clicking directly on the picture. Hope you enjoy! Also check out these other cute printables I found online. 

Dream Big download here.

Love Printables found here.



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Tray

Hello everyone! I am so excited to launch my new blog with this post. I have been an avid crafter and thrifter for years, and now I finally have the time to post about it. I just moved to Las Vegas with my new husband, and there are thrift stores everywhere. Being thrifty to me is just a way of life. Some may think it's beneath them, but I love to brag about a good deal or an awesome craft I made myself! Follow me through the journey! 

So I just got married May 24th. I made sooo many of my decorations and I couldn't have been happier with the way things turned out. This chalkboard tray can be used for any occasion or decoration in the house. How cute would it be painted to match your kitchen as a "What's for dinner" board.

I used it on a candy bar table, but it could be used in a babies room, a classroom, a party decoration, or in any room in the house. The thing I love about these trays is how custom you can make them. Pick your color, and pick what you want it to say. You could change it every season if you wanted. 

For this craft project I spent about $5 with leftover paint and brushes to use on another project. 

I found a tray similar to these at either the DI or Goodwill for $2. You will also need a foam paint brush, chalkboard paint, and craft paint of the color you choose. 

I started by painting the outer edges the mint green color. I gave mine a few coats. After letting it dry, I taped off the edges to leave only the circle showing. I then painted two coats of the chalkboard paint in the middle of the tray. To condition the new "chalkboard" you rub some chalk over the surface. Then I pulled out my creative side and drew the design I wanted first on a paper, and then right on the tray. Easy right!? 

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