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About Jess

Hello! I am so glad you decided to drop by and say hi! I'm Jessica. 

What you need to know:

I'm a small town girl living in the big city [Las Vegas]

I married the love of my life this year [Clifford Peterson]

I am a graduate student working on my masters through SUU [Professional Communication]

I come from a family of four [Just one Brother]

And I married into a family a lot bigger [like a lot]

I have had an eye for design and thriftiness since [Forever]

I am a member of the LDS church [and I LOVE it]

I have a small addiction to sweets [Chocolate and Dr. Pepper]

I'm definitely a dog person [no cats please]

My other hobbies include camping, shooting, and being outdoors [I love it]

So boom, now we're friends! 
Now follow me along on this journey I call life. 

Thrift and Craft It

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