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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY Chalkboard Tray

Hello everyone! I am so excited to launch my new blog with this post. I have been an avid crafter and thrifter for years, and now I finally have the time to post about it. I just moved to Las Vegas with my new husband, and there are thrift stores everywhere. Being thrifty to me is just a way of life. Some may think it's beneath them, but I love to brag about a good deal or an awesome craft I made myself! Follow me through the journey! 

So I just got married May 24th. I made sooo many of my decorations and I couldn't have been happier with the way things turned out. This chalkboard tray can be used for any occasion or decoration in the house. How cute would it be painted to match your kitchen as a "What's for dinner" board.

I used it on a candy bar table, but it could be used in a babies room, a classroom, a party decoration, or in any room in the house. The thing I love about these trays is how custom you can make them. Pick your color, and pick what you want it to say. You could change it every season if you wanted. 

For this craft project I spent about $5 with leftover paint and brushes to use on another project. 

I found a tray similar to these at either the DI or Goodwill for $2. You will also need a foam paint brush, chalkboard paint, and craft paint of the color you choose. 

I started by painting the outer edges the mint green color. I gave mine a few coats. After letting it dry, I taped off the edges to leave only the circle showing. I then painted two coats of the chalkboard paint in the middle of the tray. To condition the new "chalkboard" you rub some chalk over the surface. Then I pulled out my creative side and drew the design I wanted first on a paper, and then right on the tray. Easy right!? 


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