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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to Cut Down Textbook Costs

Alright you budget conscious college students. Here is the scoop on buying books. If you want to cut the cost of your books in half, listen to me. I've been there done that, trying various ways to save money.

Here is what I spent this semester on books:

My Price = $66.95
Bookstore Price = $256

Here I am so happy because I saved money on my textbooks. Or because I was graduating. Class of 2012 baby.

1. DO NOT BUY BOOKS AT THE BOOKSTORE. University bookstores are really good at keeping prices high, even if they are used. Although the money is sometimes used for scholarships, sometimes donating your pocketbook for these funds isn't worth it.

2. Rent books if you don't plan on keeping them long term. If you are taking a botany class and your degree is in math, you might not need to keep this textbook for future reference. There are many websites you can rent from. I just rented a textbook from which saved me over $100.

3. Used books aren't bad. Used books are usually classified this way if they have been bought and sold. Many students keep their books in great condition or highlight the important stuff. Who wouldn't want highlighted pages?? Bright pink and yellow pages are much more exciting to read.

4. Download eBooks. Not all textbooks come this way, but some do, and since they skip printing costs, can sell them for cheaper.

5. Shop around. It's okay to shop in more than once place for your books. I cut costs by buying all of my books from different websites. There are even websites that compare prices from the web for you. How great is that?? Try

Graduate school is a pain in the butt, but buying your books doesn't have to be. Now I have the money I saved to buy a new pair of shoes. :)

Let me know how you save money in college! I would love to hear.


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