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Thursday, August 22, 2013

DIY Monogram Window

Today's project was super easy, fun, and it turned out to look a lot more expensive that it actually cost. 

I already bought this window frame earlier at DI for $5. It had some beadboard and dried out flowers in it, but it was easy to remove. Old window frames are sometimes harder to find good deals on. My suggestion is to always keep your eye open for one. Some garage sales will have them and sometimes craigslist. The one place that always has them are antique stores, but you have to be willing to pay (usually $50 for old windows). I have even seen people ripping down old homes and putting them on the street for the trash pickup. 

The only other expense was some black craft paint and some brushes. I just used regular thin paint brushes. This was less than $5, so overall it was a $10 project. 

First I cleaned the glass really well with windex. I then took the letter "P" for "Peterson" I already had as home decor and traced it on the front of the glass with a chalkboard paint pen I used in a previous project (check it out: DIY Chalkboard Labels). If you don't have something to trace, you could blow up a print for cheap at Staples (usually under .50 cents). 

I bought these pens at Michael's (they have definitely paid off). I used them since it would be easy to wipe the outline off after painting. 

I then painted the back of the window with a few coats of black paint until the letter was completely covered. 

And now I have a unique piece of artwork perfect for our apartment!

PS Here are two more of the pillows I finished in our bedroom from the pillow making tutorial I posted earlier this week. You can check it out here.

Let me know what ya think!


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