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Monday, August 19, 2013

DIY Pillows for Less than $5

Pillows! I can't get enough of these and Cliff won't quit reminding me of the scene from Along Came Polly. 

So let's hope he doesn't take a knife to these beauties any time soon. ;) (If you haven't seen the movie, get up, and go rent it. You won't be disappointed.)

So in all honesty, I only made one of these pillows... Can you guess which one it is?? I was shopping and buying pillows and after spending $30 on one, it hurt a little. I had purchased fabric scraps with the intention to make pillows, and finally, I sat down with the sewing machine and made one. 

First thing you will need is a pillow or cotton filling to put inside the pillow. I prefer a pillow since it keeps the square shape much easier. I had some already at the house, but if you need to buy some, try finding pillows at thrift stores in shapes you already like and pull off the covers. 

 The next step is finding the fabric you want to use to make your pillows. I hit the jackpot at a craft store where the display scraps were on clearance for $2. These are high quality fabric meant for upholstery. I fell in love with the patterns and colors and knew I would find a place for them in my home. The nice thing about these squares is the edges were already surged and in a perfect sized square for making a pillow. I didn't have to cut or sew the edges.

I then used some basic gray fabric for the back of the pillows I bought at Hobby Lobby. (Don't forget to download the app to get coupons every week. I bought the fabric for 40% off with mine.) I simply laid the black decorative square on the gray and cut the same size square. 

I then put the two right sides together. I used some sewing pins to keep the two squares lined up. 

I lined the edge of my foot up with the edge of the fabric and sewed almost around the entire square.

I left one opening, making sure to back stitch on each edge of the opening to ensure the pillow wouldn't rip open.  

Trim the extra fabric. Unless you are awesome at sewing and cutting and never have excess. Oh and if this happens, call me because I will be impressed.

Next I flipped the pillow to show the outside. Make sure to pull out the corners since they tend to stick. You can even trim the corners from the inside to make it lay more evenly. 

Next you shimmy the pillow in the opening you left. 

Now pull out your needle and thread. (Ug I know. Hand stitching seems to take forEVER).  Simply sew the opening shut. 

And there you go. I think this pillow is perfect for the couch! I love the mix matched patterns and colors. 

Let me know what you think!


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