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Monday, September 16, 2013

Follow Me with Bloglovin'

Hello lovelies. I'm sure you are all wondering what all of my changes are to the blog. I just can't quit remodeling. You may not love all the changes, but one thing you will love are my new buttons I recently added!

It's super easy to follow me now just by clicking on any of these buttons on the top right corner of my blog. So I'm sure most of you know what twitter, facebook, pinterest and hopefully what an email address is ;) but what in the world is BLOGLOVIN'?? 

Well my friends, it's only the easiest way to follow your favorite blogs. Since google did away with "Reader" it is hard to transition and stay in touch with all of the old blogs you used to follow. Let me tell you that Bloglovin is really easy to use, and helps you find the greatest blogs on all the topics you love. 

On my web browser, it even tells me how many new posts are available to read from my fav bloggers! Such a great way to stay up to date on my blog reading. 

Oh and did I mention they have an app for that. Download the newest version for your iphone or ipad here

So what I am asking you to do now is click any of the buttons with a plus sign, make a bloglovin' account and keep reading!

Follow on Bloglovin

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