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Monday, October 28, 2013

New Job // New Life

Hello world!

I feel like this is the longest day of my LIEEEFE. (That was "life" in a really dramatic tone).

But it was super great.

Today I started my job. Day one, uno, number 1! It was full of HR packets, tax information, insurance policies, and a history on my company. Yum.

But look at me and the hubster:

We have the most awesome opportunity to work for the same company. Different floors, but lunch together is definitely an option most days. How sweet is that?! We are legit coworkers for an awesome company. Power couple say what?! Just kidding but really it is so exciting to get out in the work field.

After work today, I got to come home to a full night of grad school homework. Ick. Plus I now have to figure out dinner, cleaning, and crafternoon time so I can blog awesome shtuff! (Obvs my husband is awesome and has already started taking over a ton of housework stuff).

First and foremost though, my husband will come first, next my job and work, so sadly my blog will be on the back burner for a while. No that doesn't mean I will quit blogging. I am still here, alive and well. You just may not see me as much. Sniffle sniffle. Come May, I will be finished with my masters degree and ready to take on the blogging world again with a BANG!

Okay, maybe I will still be blogging just as much. Maybe I'll be seen in the halls at work typing a crafternoon post on my phone of a craft I made at my desk out of paper clips and washi tape. Oh or shredded paper and staples with a few rubber bands thrown in there. Who knows where this new journey will take me?

Until next time :)


  1. thats awesome! what company are you guys working for? lunch together is an awesome perk!

  2. Thanks Kels! We work for Ameriprise Financial. It's super fun so far to be so close together and spend time during lunch hour!


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