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Monday, July 29, 2013

Make your Own Printable

Cliff and I had such a good weekend at my best friends wedding at the St. George Temple. There were so many cute things that inspired me to do more projects.

The first item I loved was a printable. I talked with the bride and she told me it was about $20 to buy the printable and then additional costs to print it off and buy a frame. Since I am a total cheapskate, I took a picture of the printable I loved and set off today to make a similar version for FREE. 

So here is a picture of what was on a table at Taylor's wedding reception. It's not the best angle of the picture since I mainly wanted a close up of the fonts and style. 

So here is my finished product. 

I think it turned out pretty nicely. Printable's can really add character and personality to your home. I suggest adding things that make you smile and remember happy times or inspire you. To find similar fonts that the original created, I went to some free font sites including If you are sick of the fonts on your computer, you may spend hours downloading free fonts to use. You can use these fonts in any program on your computer after they are downloaded. 

A simple way to recreate this printable without any fancy programs would be to make it just in a Word document. Type what you like, and play around with the fonts until it looks just how you like it. I personally used Adobe Illustrator, but any program that uses text would work perfectly. 

I plan on putting this in a photo collage in my living room. I will put up pictures when it's complete! 

Let me know what you think!


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