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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gold Dipped Planter

I recently have been bombarding our apartment with greenery. I'm not sure if it's the spring season that just hit me with the desire for more plants, but I love them! I had this pot above in plain black, but I am loving all things white and gold. It was easy to spruce up this pot and give it new life. I'm sure you have something around the house you can put a few new coats of paint on and adore the finished result. 

I used some left over white and gold paint and some foam brushes I already had laying around the house. I didn't tape off the edge because I liked the messy "dipped" in gold look. Being perfect is overrated in decor (and in life sometimes). The pot had a cool design that still shows that I am in love with. I am ready to gold up everything now! 

I just bought two new succulent plants I'm going to pot soon so stay tuned for what I do with these two cuties.

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